• GBI joins in investigation into missing Gwinnett County woman

    By: Scott Flynn


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - The Georgia Bureau of Investigation confirms it is now involved in the case of a Gwinnett County woman who vanished six weeks ago.

    Tosha Herron’s car was found wrecked off the side of Blood Mountain in Lumpkin County in October, but no one can find her.

    Herron’s father and sister handed out fliers near the Mall of Georgia on Monday, buoyed by the news the state investigators were getting involved.


    Up until now, Lumpkin County Sheriff’s Office investigators have handled the case. The family says they are pleased with what the county authorities have done, but they welcome any help they can get.

    “I think they are going to have a lot more resources available to focus on the case and just dig deeper into some things,” said sister Stacie Nelson.

    The family estimates they’ve handed out nearly 5,000 missing person fliers since the mother of three vanished. 

    As they handed fliers to shoppers on Monday, they told their story to anyone who’d listen, hoping word will spread and they will get the tip they need to find the 36-year-old.

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    “My daughter has been missing for 45 days,” her father, Keith Reed, told one shopper.

    “Oh my god! I'm so sorry,” she replied as she took a flier.

    Nelson repeatedly asked shoppers to spread the word on social media. “Anything you can share on your Facebook, post about it,” she said.

    The family said nine or 10 searches of the mountainside have turned up only a few clues. Herron’s purse and a few other personal items were found, but they still have no idea if she walked away or was carried away from the crash scene.

    “We as a family truly believe, in our hearts, that she was taken by somebody from that mountain and from there, only God knows,” said Reed.

    The family told Channel 2’s Tony Thomas that tips indicating Herron was spotted in Gainesville several times have dried up. No one ever had firm proof and investigators were not able to track down anything more.

    Reed said the GBI involvement is the best news the family has had in weeks, as relatives do what they can to help the investigation, one flier at a time.

    “I keep reminding myself that 45 days is tough on us, but what about her 45 days?” Reed said.

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