Gwinnett County

Family, friends 'baffled' by Georgia Tech student's death

ATLANTA — People who know Kaden Campbell say they're baffled as to why the Georgia Tech freshman was walking on the Downtown Connector when he was hit and killed late Saturday night.

Campbell, who graduated from Brookwood High School in Gwinnett County last year, was killed while apparently trying to cross I-85 southbound.

Police continue to investigate the incident, but said the driver involved will not face charges.


"I just want everyone to know how proud we are of him. And if he made a mistake and got himself in this situation, it doesn't diminish how great of a young man he was, and how much we love him and miss him," Brandon Campbell, Kaden's father, told Channel 2's Liz Artz on Monday.

Brandon Campbell said he was so proud of his son.

“He was just an amazing kid. He was a very good son for sure,” Campbell said.

Campbell said his son was a straight-A student who was accepted to several colleges, but chose Georgia Tech.

“He was proud to be at Georgia Tech. The best day of his life was getting accepted into Georgia Tech,” Campbell said.

Campbell told WSB Radio that he doesn’t know why his son was apparently trying to cross I-85.

“I would love those answers,” he said.

Campbell said his son was pledging the Sigma Nu fraternity, but he doesn’t believe his death is related to fraternity activities.

“No, definitely not. He was at a winter formal for a sorority previous to that. (His death) had nothing to do with a sorority and nothing to do with a fraternity,” Campbell said.

Atlanta police continue to investigate the circumstances that led to Kaden Campbell’s death.