Daughter of singer Rick James' house party brings thousands, angers neighbors

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Neighbors told Channel 2 Action News thousands showed up at a house party and when they called police for help, they got nothing.

The party happened on Dogwood Road in Snellville. Channel 2's Sophia Choi went to the property on Monday. It's hidden from the road by a long driveway between two churches and a school nearby.

Residents say the new owner is the daughter of the late singer Rick James.

According to Gwinnett County police, eight people called the department to complain.

"We called the police and told them there were people walking through the neighborhood with open containers of alcohol and with drugs. And they told us they could not do anything about that. They said, 'We have to see it,'" said resident Amy Baker.


Neighbors say an ad was their first inkling of a big party in their Gwinnett County community. The post on social media drew thousands to the home on Saturday.

"There was a lot of seminudity and drugs and alcohol out in the streets," said resident Katherine Schendel. "There were cars parked all up and down our street. On both sides of our street, potentially blocking emergency vehicles from getting through."

Residents said they called police, but officers refused to make any charges.

"The police stood in my driveway at midnight and said, they were not planning to enforce anything," said Baker.

Schendel said they checked and the county does not show a permit for a public event at the house.

A neighbor said she doesn't think zoning would approve such a large party.

They now want to know what they can do to stop the next party, possibly scheduled for Labor Day.

"We’re concerned about our property values. They don’t need to be walking down the middle of the street in thongs and smoking dope," Schendel said.

Gwinnett police said they are meeting with residents and looking into their complaints.