Case involving politics and bumper stickers could lead to criminal charges

Case involving politics and bumper stickers could lead to criminal charges

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — A Gwinnett County prosecutor is considering criminal charges in a case involving politics and bumper stickers.

Channel 2's Gwinnett County Bureau Chief Tony Thomas talked to a woman Thursday who said she was scared for her life when a man with differing political views followed her for miles.

Sharon Wood -- a Democratic activist -- said she had just walked out of Publix when she noticed someone put Donald Trump stickers on top of her Stacey Abrams and Black Lives Matter stickers.

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Wood said at first, she was annoyed, but the stickers came right off. What happened next frightened her. She said suddenly, she heard someone yelling.

“Before I got in my car, I heard this guy screaming from across the parking lot,” Wood said. “He said, ‘You (expletive) traitor! You (expletive) traitor!’”

Wood said she pulled out of the parking lot and the man followed her for several miles.

“I finally turned into a strip mall that I knew would be public. I made a really quick left-hand turn and he wasn’t able to do that. So, he just laid on his horn and left,” Wood said.


The Lawrenceville Police Department and Gwinnett County Solicitor Brian Whiteside are investigating.

At a news conference, Whiteside promised he would take action.

“We feel that simple assault can be charged. Trespassing and misdemeanor stalking, in regard to that,” Whiteside said.

Police told Channel 2 Action News that the man in question has hired an attorney.