Cameras hope to cut down on speeding near school zones in Duluth

Cameras helping crack down on speeding new local schools

New cameras will watch for speeders and more near schools.

In a recent study, Duluth police say they found 8,000 drivers speeding through school zones daily. As school starts back again, they will now have a new way to clock and ticket those speeders.

The city is installing speed cameras, complete with license place readers in school zones around Mason and Chattahoochee elementaries and Duluth and Coleman middle schools.

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It's triggered if it catches you going 15 mph over the speed limit.

Once it is reviewed by the department, you would then get a speeding ticket in mail. It is $75 for the first offense.

Drivers we talked to didn't seem to mind and parents told us the same thing.

Besides speed, the tag readers will also link up to the statewide sex offender database and alert nearby officers if a registered offender, or someone with a protection order, gets too close to a school.