Man arrested in 13-year-old cold case murder of mother of 2

Private investigator explains what led to arrest in 13-year-old cold case murder

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Gwinnett County police have made an arrest in a 13-year-old cold case murder of a mother of two.

Leslie Adams, who worked as a beautician, disappeared in 2005.

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Two years later, remains were discovered in a Franklin County swamp. Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter says the serial number in a breast implant confirmed the remains belonged to Adams.

Adams' family members contacted Channel 2's Mark Winne on Thursday to let him know about the arrest. Winne covered the case extensively when it happened.

Porter confirmed exclusively to Winne that they've arrested Billy Cook, Adams' ex-boyfriend, and charged him with felony murder.


Channel 2's Matt Johnson spoke with the private investigator who helped police solve the case.

"There's no doubt in my mind that he was involved," said T.J. Ward.

Ward said Adams' family hired him in 2005 shortly after they reported her missing.

"I'm sure it's brought closure for the family tonight, because they've suspected Billy all along," Ward said.

Ward said Adams and Cook dealt with domestic issues, and she took out a temporary protective order against him before her disappearance.

"I think he was jealous of her, because that's what created the monster when she had gone out with some friends on the night he showed up and a domestic situation started," Ward said.

In 2007, a husband and wife in Franklin County discovered Adams' remains in a swamp.

Two weeks ago, Ward said a Gwinnett County D.A. investigator contacted him.

"I took my file from 2005 up there and we went through it. I gave them videos and some information that we had," Ward said.

It's unclear what new evidence led to Cook's arrest Thursday.

For now, Ward said he hopes for Adams' family's sake that all their questions will be answered soon.

"Now there's an arrest, and we hope there's a conviction and close the final chapter," Ward said.