23-year-old mother dies after being hit by alleged drunk driver

23-year-old mother dies after being hit by alleged drunk driver

Young mother hit by drunk driver dies.

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — A 23-year-old mother has died after police say a suspected drunk driver crashed into her car as she drove to work earlier this month.

Gwinnett police say Tyquan Samuel, 31, drove into oncoming traffic at the intersection of Buford and Brentbrooke drives around 9 a.m. on July 14. Police say he drove his black sedan across a median and crashed into Sinee Hicks' car.

Both cars burst into flames. Hicks suffered burns over 60 percent of her body. Two other people were injured in the crash.

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Sinee died in a hospital Friday, her family said. She leaves behind a 2-year-old daughter.

Channel 2's Matt Johnson talked to a witness who saw the car go up in flames and tried to help.

"I was crying out there because I felt so sorry for those people," the witness said.


Johnson spoke with another witness who lives right next to where the crash happened. Denilsson Nghomssi told Johnson the driver could have plowed into her house.

"I couldn't imagine being a parent or a grandparent and lose a family member to someone who was selfish enough to drink and get in the car," Nghomssi said.

Nghomssi said her husband ran toward the fire with a fire extinguisher. Police said bystanders were able to rescue Samuel. Hicks was pinned next to another car.

Authorities arrested Samuel Wednesday on charges of homicide by vehicle, DUI and other charges after a 10-day investigation.

Johnson learned that Samuel was in jail less than a month before the crash on a battery and marijuana charge before he bonded out. Now he's back in jail without bond.

Neighbors who witnessed the crash said they hope that Samuel remains in jail and that Hicks' family gets justice.

"A family had to lose their precious daughter and granddaughter and mother...and then he lived," Nghomssi said. "This was an innocent woman."