• Gwinnett Co. worker injured in partial fall from cell tower


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga - A worker suffered a shoulder injury after a partial fall from a cell tower on Norcross Parkway Monday night.

    Firefighters responded to the call and upon arrival, they said the man reportedly lost his grip on a climbing peg approximately 125 feet up the tower. He fell approximately 15-20 feet, hit the tower and was knocked unconscious. Witnesses say he eventually regained consciousness and was able to lower himself a short distance to an elevated platform on the tower.

    Officials say the man was part of a contract crew that was doing maintenance work on the tower. Two other workers on the ground called 911.

    When firefighters arrived they were able to lower the victim to the ground with a harness. The man was transported to Gwinnett Medical Center for further evaluation of non-life-threatening injuries. The identity of the victim has not been released due to federal patient privacy law.

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