Gun store owners see increase on assault rifle purchases

ATLANTA — Gun dealers in metro Atlanta are reporting a surge in  sales of semi-automatic rifles following recent terrorist attacks in San Bernadino, California, and Paris.
Stoddards Range and Guns in Atlanta said demand for high powered rifles has risen sharply.
"I would say it is up 40-plus percent in the last few weeks so, there has definitely been high demand for those style rifles." said co-owner Ken Baye.
Baye told Channel 2's Tom Regan he also is seeing more people, especially women, signing up for firearms training.  A growing number of first time gun buyers also are showing up at his stores.
"We are seeing a lot of first time shooters who say, 'I've thought about purchasing a gun, now I'm going to do it,'" said Baye.
Sandy Springs Gun Club and Range also has seen a spike in gun sales. A customer who owns a AR-15, said he's concerned the government could bring back the ban on assault rifles that was lifted in 2004.
"I think there's been a run on the gun market because of the potential of new restrictions that could be put in place," said firearms owner Scott Frey.
As more law enforcement agencies encourage license handgun owners to carry their firearm, hand gun sales also are rising.
Many gun store owners say they will not jack up prices to take advantage of higher demand, unless the manufacturer raises costs.
"Just like Home Depot doesn't raise it's prices during a hurricane, we don't raise our prices during these periods of high demand," said Baye