• Gun club to allow alcohol sales

    By: Dave Huddleston


    POWDER SPRINGS, Ga. - Kristina Brown and her husband own Lakeside Guns Shop in Acworth, but they are in the process of building a $3.5 million gun range called The Governor's Club in Powder Springs.

    Brown told Channel 2's Dave Huddleston the club will be state of the art and have a lounge that serves alcohol.

    A new sub division is being built about 100 yards from the club and some home owners in the area off C.H. James Parkway and Elliot Road think having a gun range and alcohol in the same location is a bad idea.

    "I mean, that's just stupid," Traci Hart, a mother of three young children said.

    She said her neighborhood is nice and quiet and they don't want the gun range.

    "We don't need drunk people running around in and out of the neighborhood," Hart said.

    Brown sent Huddleston a statement that said, "Customers will have to order a drink with their identification card and once the card is accepted, and flagged, they cannot be checked back into the range that day." The statement went on to say, "Georgia Law allows persons with gun permits to bring their weapon into a restaurant that serves alcohol, we are taking it even a step further."

    The Powder Springs City Council approved the alcohol permit Monday, passing 4-1.

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