Lawmaker accused of threatening woman in debate about Confederate monuments

ATLANTA — A coalition of civil rights groups is calling for a controversial south Georgia lawmaker to resign following comments he made to a former state lawmaker.

The group held a rally Saturday at the Capitol.

"This body is calling for the resignation of state representative Jason Spencer," activist Marcus Coleman said.

State lawmaker Jason Spencer is accused of making threatning comments in debate about Confederate monuments.

The outrage was sparked during a social media debate between lawmaker Jason Spencer and former lawmaker Ladawn Jones.

During the debate over the proposed removal of confederate monuments, Spencer wrote, "They will go missing in the Okefenokee. Too many necks, they are red around here. Don't say I didn't warn you about them."

Jones wrote back, "Sounds like a threat of physical violence. Is that what we're doing here?"

Spencer later apologized saying, "I regret that my choice of words in warning Ladawn about the possibility of violence has been misinterpreted as a threat against her. I was trying to warn her that there really are people who would harm others over the issue."


Civil rights activists believe Spencer's comments could incite others to commit violence.

"There's a lot of hate behind all of this. There's a whole atmosphere of hate throughout the country and for the state representative to use those kinds of words in this atmosphere is just reckless and dangerous," Joe Beasely said.

The group said it wants Spencer to resign or for the House to censure him next session.