• Group discusses constitutionality of HB 87


    ATLANTA,None - The future of Georgia's immigration law could be in jeopardy, according to one group.
    The American Constitution Society gathered in downtown Atlanta on Tuesday to discuss the constitutionality of the law's most controversial provisions. Channel 2’s Manuel Bojorquez attended the meeting, where members discussed how an impending ruling on a similar law causing controversy in Arizona could affect the one in Georgia.

    Georgia’s law, also known as HB 87, took effect last year. Under the law, many businesses are required to check an employee’s immigration status, and it is a felony to falsify documents to try to get around the system. Opponents believe it encourages discrimination. They also argue the law will cost the state millions in lost crops.

    Though no one at Tuesday’s meeting was willing to predict what the Supreme Court will do, several speakers at the event said they can't see the Supreme Court upholding Arizona's law, and that could kill HB 87.

    “We can't have 50 states making different immigration policies because that would be just chaos,” said American Constitution Society President Caroline Frederickson.

    One provision of Arizona’s law, which is currently held up in the courts, allows police to check the immigration status of suspects where there is reasonable suspicion. Frederickson said that will lead to racial profiling.

    “If the Supreme Court follows what is precedent and follows the United States in terms of federal policy toward immigration, they will decide that the Arizona law is unconstitutional,” she told Bojorquez.

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