Grandmother warns popular toy could be choking hazard

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ga. — A local grandmother has a warning about a popular toy called the Fidget Spinner that's very popular among young children.

Teresa Kesterson told Channel 2's Tom Jones that the Fidget Spinner falls apart easily and when it comes apart a small battery could be hazardous to small children like Kesterson's 3-year-old grandson Cooper, who just loves the toy.

Kesterson said the toy could be dangerous for children.

It's called the Fidget Spinner and it's very popular among young children.

“Parents need to be really aware,” she told Jones.

Kesterson said she had just bought Cooper the Fidget Spinner, and he and his mother were riding with her in the car.

“He was playing with it going down the road,” she told Jones.

Then Cooper's mother noticed the spinner had come apart and Cooper had the parts in his hand, including a small battery that lights up.

Kesterson said Cooper could have easily put it in his mouth.


“He could have choked. Especially a battery. He had a battery in his hand that could have gone in his mouth and choked him,” Kesterson said.

Kesterson and Cooper's mother became very concerned.

They say there's no choking hazard warning on the box, no age limit warning and nothing that said it comes apart.

“And if it's going to come apart they need to have a warning on the box that it may cause choking. Not for children under 3,” Kesterson told Jones.

She said the spinner used to keep Cooper busy, but not anymore.

“He loves the spinner but he can't have it,” Kesterson said.

The grandmother posted about her encounter with the spinner on social media. She said others say it came apart on them as well.

The grandmother wants parents to be extra careful if your small child has one of these toys.