• Grandma recovering after pit bull attack


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - A DeKalb County grandmother had to go to the hospital after she said her neighbor’s pit bull attacked her and her dog.

    Frances Torres, 66, said the dog went for her throat and had she not covered it with her hands, the situation could've been much worse.

    “I mean he was yanking at it,” Torres said.

    She showed Channel 2’s Craig Lucie where a pit bull allegedly clinched down on her elbow. She said when it didn't get a firm hold -- it kept attacking.

    “He got me on my hand and he got me here,” she said.

    Torres said she was walking her miniature Snauzer to the end of her driveway to check her mail when she looked up and saw the dog in the left of this picture coming full speed toward her.

    “I knew he was coming for my dog so I picked him up and he knocked me down. He started pulling on my dog. I fought all I could to help him,” she said.

    As Torres screamed, her daughter and son-in-law heard her cries for help from inside.

    “Everybody was trying to kick the dog off of him but the dog was going crazy trying to kill her dog,” London Chiodz said.

    “What would've happened if my grandma didn't put her hand up? Would she have been bit in the neck? Would something even worse happen if it did?,” Torres’ granddaughter, Alena Mendez said.

    Torres’ dog has puncture wounds all over its body.

    “He has cuts all in here too,” she said.

    Torres and her family said the two pit bulls are always running loose in the neighborhood. They showed Channel 2 a picture of one of the dogs when they couldn't leave their home since it was by their door.

    “I don't step anywhere near their house because they are aggressive,” Mendez said.

    Relatives said the owners of the pit bulls never apologized. Animal control came and took the dog away that attacked Torres and the owners received several citations.

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