• Grand jury declines to indict Clayton Co. police chief, brother


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - A grand jury has declined to indict Clayton County's police chief and his brother on racketeering charges.
    Clayton County Police Chief Greg Porter, his brother Deputy Robert Porter and attorneys Pandora Palmer and Xing Lu were inside the Fayette County Courthouse Friday.
    Greg Porter said he's presented hundreds of cases to grand juries in his career, but this was the first time he's appeared before one as the focus of allegations.
    Fayette County District Attorney Scott Ballard said he's sworn in staff from the prosecuting attorneys council as special prosecutors for the Porter case. That proposed indictment alleged Greg Porter, while a deputy chief, significantly inflated the bills he submitted to the Clayton County DUI/Drug Court for an extra job he worked for the court. And after he became chief, his brother, Clayton County Deputy Robert Porter, took over the extra job and allegedly did the same thing.
    Ballard said Greg Porter's wife Sabrina was named in the proposed indictment because of her bookkeeping role.
    Sabrina’s attorney Mike Martin says all four people are innocent.
    Former Clayton DUI/Drug Court Coordinator Katrina Hood was also named.

    "She's alleged to have received money. Hood has maintained her innocence throughout this process," said Hood's attorney.
    Ballard said the case is in Fayette County in part because Greg Porter's security company listed his home there as its official address. And some bills originated there.
    Special Prosecutor Chuck Spahos indicated the only two witnesses against the Porters before the grand jury were to be GBI agent Rocky Bigham and Forensic Auditor Robert Balsam.

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