• Grade mix-up could cost student scholarship

    By: Carl Willis


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - A standout athlete's future and his scholarship are in jeopardy all because of a grade mix-up at school, according to the teen's father.

    Baron Poole Jr. was an all-state defensive lineman for Southwest DeKalb High School and received a scholarship to Tennessee State University.

    He transferred from Tucker High School before his senior year, but Poole's father told Channel 2's Carl Willis some of his grades were lost in the process.

    "The scholarship could go down the drain," said Baron Poole Sr.

    Poole said his son passed his math course and his exam while at Tucker, and he was told his son would be exempt from a graduation test for math.

    He said they were blindsided when neither Tucker nor Southwest DeKalb High School could find any record of the passing grades of 78 on the test and 73 for the course.

    "At the last minute, which was last week, they said he would have to take it with a couple of days notice," he said.

    In most cases that would be fine, but the attorney representing the Poole family said it's not that simple.

    "He has ADHD," said Scott Bushnell. "They have known for some time that he is a student who requires extra preparation time to take tests."

    "Maybe he'll pass it, but I don't want to take that chance," said the elder Poole.

    Willis reached out to the school district repeatedly but did not get a response.

    Bushnell he will take the matter to court if they do not hear back from the school district by next week.

    "I want justice. Give him his due. Give him what he's earned," said the student's father, "Don't take anything from him."

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