• Good Samaritan pulls injured man from train tracks

    By: Diana Davis


    MADISON COUNTY, Ga.,None - A Good Samaritan got a chance to meet the injured man he pulled out of the path of an oncoming train with just seconds to spare.

    Norb Krzak was on the way to a job in Elberton on Saturday morning when he saw a car flip over and land on the railroad tracks in the town of Carlton in Madison County. A passenger in the car was lying injured and bleeding in the middle of the track.

    “I yelled for him to get off the railroad tracks several times and he wouldn’t respond,” Krzak told Channel 2’s Diana Davis on Friday.

    Krzak called 911 for help and then saw the train racing toward him at about 50 miles per hour. As the train whistle blew, Krzak said he jumped down a 20-foot embankment to the tracks below and tried to move the injured man.

    “I grabbed him with one hand on his jacket and just pulled him. That’s really all I did. I walked up to him and grabbed him, and I know I did that because I had blood on my sweatshirt where he put his hand on there. I didn’t want to see this man get hit by a train,” Krzak said.

    The 911 tape obtained by Davis reveals Krzak’s accomplishment. “He’s got off the tracks, I got him off the tracks,” Krzak yelled to the operator.

    Krzak told Davis he can’t bear to listen to the recording because the ordeal is still upsetting. “I would do it again and I would hope somebody in my shoes would do the same thing,” Krzak said.

    Krzak met the man he saved, 26-year-old Bradley Fleming, this week. He said Fleming thanked him and wrote him a heartfelt note. Fleming told Davis he believes God was watching over him and his rescuer that day and he’ll be forever grateful.

    Fleming and the driver of the car are out of the hospital and recovering from their injuries.

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