• Good Samaritan arrested for trying to save crash victim

    By: Carl Willis


    COWETA COUNTY, Ga. - A Coweta County man who stopped to help a seriously injured crash victim said he's being punished for trying to save a life.

    Robert Bragg, a former Henry County volunteer firefighter, was arrested for obstructing officers on Tuesday.

    He told Channel 2's Carl Willis he had nothing but good intentions when he stopped to help a 17-year-old victim who was trapped in her truck and drifting in and out of consciousness along Andrew Bailey Road.

    "I was just touching her face and holding her hands, and she did come around and tell me her name," said Bragg.

    He and his son were first on the scene and they stayed until a paramedic arrived, then offered help by keeping the victim alert.

    However, his help was no longer welcome.

    Once a firefighter and a deputy arrived he was asked to leave.

    "I left her laying there," he said. "That was hard to do with her hand in my hand and her hanging on to life, because I've had them pass in my hands and it's not a good thing."

    He left the victim's side, but didn't completely leave the scene. After an exchange with first responders he was arrested for obstructing officers.

    "Apparently, he was not so ready to relinquish whatever role he was playing," said Coweta County Sheriff Mike Yeager.

    Bragg walked Willis through the crash site where pieces of the victim's truck still litter the ground.

    He said he repeatedly urged the emergency responders to use the Jaws of Life to free the victim. He said that's when things may have gone south.

    "I think their ego got in the way. This wasn't a time for anybody's ego," said Bragg.

    "It could probably go both ways with him, also," countered Yeager. "Apparently, once the public safety personnel arrived on scene they had it (under control)."

    The sheriff showed Willis the incident report that alleges Bragg yelled obscenities at the crew and circled back around the scene.

    "We need people that will help before EMS, or law enforcement or fire department officials can arrive on scene, once public safety has arrived on scene, I think it's time then as a Good Samaritan even to back off," said Yeager.

    Still, Bragg said he doesn't believe he should have been thrown in jail or face charges for his role.

    "I think they should apologize to me, apologize to that family," he said.

    The victim remained in the intensive care unit Friday night. Her father said Bragg may have saved his daughter's life.

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