Girlfriend recounts deadly shooting in 'Jack Boys' trial

Emotional testimony brought tears to the eyes of family members of a murder victim sitting in the Fulton County Courthouse on Thursday.

Tamario Wise, 19, Raphael Cross, 23, Robert Veal, 18, and Fernandez Whatley, 21, are accused of 90 charges in connection with a series of robberies, rapes, assaults, carjackings and the murder of Charles Boyer, 39, in November 2010.

Channel 2's Jeff Dore spent the day in the courtroom and reported heavy security for the trial of the men prosecutors said operated as a gang known as the Jack Boys.

Boyer's girlfriend, Lisa McGraw, took the stand and described the moments leading up to his killing in the Virginia Highland neighborhood.

"I looked back and Charles was struggling like this, trying to get away from the person," McGraw said as she reenacted the scene for jurors.

McGraw said Boyer ran one direction from three masked gunmen and she ran the other direction to a neighbor's house.

"We heard gunshots starting and she dragged me in the hallway away from the windows. I think I heard about three gunshots," McGraw said before breaking down into tears.

Boyer's father ran sobbing from the court during the testimony.

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Neighbor Chris Miller told jurors he was walking his dog when he saw Boyer struggle with the gunmen. Miller ran to call 911.

"I started going the other way and heard gunshots. Two quickly together then a pause and a third," Miller said.

Boyer, a Georgia Tech graduate, lived in Jonesboro and ran a cellphone business.

Several other people testified on Thursday, including one man who was robbed outside Turner Field and was shot in the stomach.

Destin Banks was traveling with the shooting victim and saw the entire robbery.

"He started requesting money and keys. From that moment on I noticed a gun pulled and I was looking across the car and that's when he was shot," Destin Banks testified.

Banks testified the gunman wore a hoodie and he later picked Wise out of a police lineup. Prosecutors say Wise is the ringleader of the group.

Testimony resumes in the case on Friday.