• Girl: School cites Bible for kicking her off football team

    By: Jeff Dore


    LOCUST GROVE, Ga. - Facebook is lighting up after a 12-year-old football player in Henry County was kicked off the school football team because she's a girl.

    She attends Strong Rock Christian School in Locust Grove.

    The school has a younger league for students before they get to the high-school level. That's where 12-year-old Maddy Blythe started fulfilling her dream.

    "My mom counts it that I had five sacks. I count it as four," Maddy told Channel 2's Jeff Dore, talking about her job on the football field: tackling the guy with the ball.

    "The entire crowd thought it was one of their boys, and when they saw my number and looked at the roster and saw it was me, standing ovation right there," Maddy said about her first sack.

    Her mom, a former cop, was worried at first but quickly learned her daughter could handle the game with the best.

    "It was her dream to get a scholarship one day, be one of the first female football players in college. She really had big dreams," said Cassy Blythe, Maddy's mom.

    But this week, the school said she was off the team.

    "Just for the fact that because I'm a girl. Which I think is completely outrageous," Maddy said.

    Maddy and her mom told Dore the CEO of the school said boys have lustful thoughts and bad language and cited the Bible.

    "That men and women are created equal but different, and he said that he prayed about it and it was the wrong thing to do," Maddy said.

    "I think it's kind of crazy and I think it's very archaic and he needs to get with the times," Blythe said.

    The school told Dore all the administrators are away at a conference and were unavailable for comment.

    The Blythes hope they'll change their mind and have started a Facebook page called Let Her Play, devoted to all girl athletes.

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