• Georgia's Wounded Heroes help build home for soldier wounded in Afghanistan

    By: Wendy Corona


    MONTICELLO, Ga. - An army of volunteers is working to make an Army veteran's childhood home home for her again.

    "So this is my safe zone. This is my comfort zone. This is my home," said veteran Sgt. Kendra Coleman.

    Coleman's childhood home was the place she saw when she closed her eyes while serving her tour of duty in Afghanistan.

    "I wanted to be anywhere but laying in the middle of Afghanistan," she told Channel 2's Wendy Corona.

    Coleman said she saw the tranquility of the shoreline at home on Jackson Lake when an improvised explosive device knocked her down in May 2010.

    "One day you're getting shot at and blown up, and the next day you wake up perfectly safe," Coleman said about the transition from the battlefield.

    She lost her left leg, but not her will to make it back to family -- to make it home.

    "Being back home, having that quality of life, it's imperative to recovery in living a normal life and becoming stable again," said Brian Brakefield, co-founder of Georgia's Wounded Heroes.

    Since November 2012, GWH has been helping public safety personnel and veterans like Coleman get back to normal living again.

    Where a single-wide trailer once stood, Coleman's brother and father have begun to build a house for her.

    "They just did it out of pure love, wanting to give me a comfortable place to recover," Coleman said.

    Now, Coleman is overseeing an army of angels who are helping build the home for her, and she remains humbled being the inspiration that keeps the project progressing.

    "I thank God that there are so many wonderful people out here," Coleman said. "This is like heaven for me."

    The home is set to be complete before the end of the month.

    Meanwhile, Coleman is busy studying prosthetics, doing motivational speaking and writing a book.

    When asked if she'd do it again knowing the outcome, she said she would not hesitate for the love of country.

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