The Georgia State Fair will stick around for another week

Georgia State Fair will open in Henry County despite covid-19 with new rules for safety

HENRY COUNTY, GA — The Georgia State Fair announced today that it will stay at Atlanta Motor Speedway through next Sunday, Oct. 18. The fair arrived in Henry County last weekend. Previously, the company held its first fair in Alabama.

“No fairs in the spring. Most of our fall fairs were cancelled as well,” David Renfro with Universal Fairs said.

According to Renfro, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, he would run 10 fairs a year. This year he only ran two, and one of them is the Georgia State Fair in Henry County.

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The Georgia State Fair usually bring 75,000 visitors every year and Renfro believes despite COVID, people will still come and enjoy.

“People want to get out. They’re tired of being cooped up in their homes. They’re looking for something to do that’s still safe for their kids,” Renfro said.


Temperature checks at the entrance and mask wearing will be mandatory. Also, more than 200 hand sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the fair.

Additionally, all minors must be with their parents and cannot be dropped off.

Tim Reed is an artist and he draw pictures for a living. He thought 2020 would be the best year ever.

“Since March, we had to pick up side work and a lot of us filed for unemployment,” Reed said.

Reed usually sets up shop at fairs, but all state and county fairs were cancelled this year because of the pandemic.

As for Reed, he is just happy to be working again.

“It means a lot. It really does mean a lot to finally get the opportunity to work again,” Reed said.

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