Georgia schools have more funds for safety as kids head back to school

On Wednesday, students in 15 local school districts will head back to class.

As students return, Georgia schools will have more money for safety and leaders have been working all summer on new ways to protect them.

"Our children and their safety and educators and their safety comes first," said State Superintendent Richard Woods.

Woods told Channel 2's Linda Stouffer that $16 million in bond funding is heading to local districts.

For each school system, that's at least $25,000 plus more based on the number of students. The money has to be used for equipment or building improvements such as cameras or security systems and doors.

The Parkland, Florida school shooting led to a national discussion about whether teachers should be armed.

Superintendent Richard Woods says that's up to local communities in Georgia's 180 districts to have new plans for armed workers.


"Any individual that carries an armed weapon on school premises needs to make sure they are highly trained and highly qualified, and they need to practice using the firearms and being in these situations," Woods said.

Stouffer checked in with local districts about the extra security funding.

DeKalb County Schools Superintendent Dr. Stephen Green said his district is adding school resource officers and has a wish list for that state money.

"Where there are metal detectors we would want to do ... and maybe the money could help us in that area," Green said. "We also have budgeted for 10 new school resource officers we think they will complement what we’re already doing."

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency is helping local districts with safety plans including how to better prepare individual campuses for storms and tornadoes.