"It breaks my heart." Cobb County mother, 3 children killed in fiery Texas crash

BEAUMONT, Texas — A Georgia woman and her three children were killed in a fiery eight-vehicle accident on westbound Interstate 10 in Southeast Texas.

Police confirmed the victims as 36-year-old Chelsea Standberry, 10-year-old Anthony Standberry Jr., 8-year-old Anaiyah Standberry and 6-year-old Chase Standberry.

Chelsea Standberry's husband, mother-in-law and stepdaughter were also injured in the crash and are recovering in a Texas hospital.

Channel 2 Action News spoke with neighbors in the family's East Cobb County community.

"They were always a really nice family, really sweet," Molly Mello said. "It really breaks my heart. I mean no one deserves that, but they were just a good family."


Beaumont police are trying to determine what caused the wreck around dawn Thursday involving an 18-wheeler and seven other passenger vehicles.

Police say the Standberrys were traveling down I-10 when they got tangled up in an awful seven-car pileup along with a tractor-trailer.

Beaumont police said several people in other vehicles were treated for minor injuries.

Nils Roed said his sons and the Standberrys played with A.J. (Anthony Jr.) and Chase and also went to school with them at Mountain View Elementary.

Roed was on his way to pick up his sons from school so he could tell them about the accident.

"Understanding someone who’s older passing away is a little bit more understandable, but someone your own age that was your friend is heartbreaking," Roed said. "I’m not sure how he’s going to handle it."

The school put out a heartbreaking Facebook post telling parents what happened and offering help with grief counseling. The family has set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for funeral and medical expenses.

Bob Tavares says the whole neighborhood is saddened by the news.

"They’re a perfect couple for our community," Tavares said. "They’re always so nice and sweet. Whenever we’re walking the dog or something, they’d be there very friendly."