• GDOT crews out monitoring conditions in northeast Georgia

    By: Tom Regan , Audrey Washington


    ATLANTA - Channel 2 Action News has been warning you all week -- Winter weather is moving in. Now, it's almost here and with it comes the threat for slick roads.

    A Winter Storm Watch has already been issued for parts in northeast Georgia.

    The Georgia Department of Transportation said it’s ready for whatever comes our way.

    Channel 2's Tom Regan learned Friday that road crews in northeast Georgia are already out, checking to see if the rain now falling is freezing. 

    GDOT will get a final weather update later Friday on what to expect this weekend but it has brine ready to go to treat roads. It’s the anti-icing salt solution GDOT crews spray on the roads before the sleet, freezing rain, or snow comes through.

    “The nice thing about our bring making capabilities is we make brine as we fill it in the trucks, so we’re never going to run out of brine,” said GDOT spokesperson Natalie Dale.


    GDOT officials said they have their ice-dissolving materials on-hand should the weather turn wicked this weekend.

    “Our crews are getting ready, doing some of those last-minute tune ups on the brine trucks, on our plows, making sure everything is running correctly, checking oil, making sure the tires are inflated, getting ready for what might potentially hit,” Dale said.

    GDOT has about 200 gallons of brine on hand for 21 counties.

    But they also have a new weapon to battle the coming winter season: Calcium chloride.

    “It works on those really freezing temperatures 25 and below where brine isn’t effective. We can use the calcium chloride and that’s something we are going to make the best use of his year,” Dale said.

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