Ga. State students concerned about mold in dorm rooms

GSU students concerned over problems of mold in dorms

ATLANTA — A Georgia State University says she spotted mold in her dorm room. She is among several students who complained about ongoing maintenance concerns at the dorms.

“If I ask you to fix something when I’m paying so much money. It takes you two months. That is  ridiculous,” said Amber Crosson, a Georgia State University student.

Crosson noticed the mold under her sink at her dorm at the University Commons after another plumbing related issue.

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“That’s like a lot when you have four females living in apartment that is not good being in the air,” Crosson said

Student Brandy Harris says she moved out of the dorms this year because she was having continued water and mold related problems.

"The paint was bubbling up, you know you can pop it, and there is little black stuff in there," Harris said. "What would happen to me is my lymph nodes swell... whenever I came into the room, I'd be fine outside."

A spokesperson for Georgia State University sent us this statement:

Georgia State takes the safety of its students and the maintenance of its residence halls very seriously. We were unaware of this problem, but now that it has been brought to our attention, we will be in touch with the student to address the issue.

“People are paying 4,000 (a semester) and up to stay in a room that is not safe, not healthy,” Harris said.