Ga. man builds sign facing highway to thank veterans

PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. — A Georgia man wanted to show his appreciation for members of the military in his own special way.

His daughter, Bethany Herrington, told Channel 2 Action News that her father, Tod Davies, has made things out of wood his entire life.

Toys, decor, furniture, planters -- you name it.

Herrington explained he sold his crafts at local flea markets when she was a child.

“He's very talented and quite the perfectionist when it comes to what he makes in his woodworking shop," she said.

And now, many years later, this 70-year-old Dallas, Georgia, man is still creating wares.


Herrington said her father has dealt with a lifetime of challenging medical issues. He has fought and beat cancer twice before and has recently been diagnosed with lymphoma again.

Yet, he keeps going, stays active, keeps doing what he loves and continues working in his shop.

He shared a picture last week with Harrington of his latest work: his backyard fence that says, "Veterans Thank You."

The words face a main highway in his hometown of Dallas.

“I am proud of him and his latest work to show his appreciation for our military,” Herrington said. “It makes me happy to see him happy.”

Herrington explained that Davies' father served in the military and he also has cousins who served. She added that her father did not serve, but would have if not for a medical condition that prevented him from joining the military.

"He is just an old-school guy who has a huge appreciation for our military," Harrington said. "Every single time he sees a veteran he will go up to them and shake their hand, thank them for their service and speak to them for a bit."

"That whole 'Proud to be an American' thing? That's my dad," she added.