Woman arrested 40+ times keeps flashing people, neighbors say

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — Neighbors in a southwest Atlanta community told Channel 2 Action News a woman keeps exposing herself and harassing people in the area.

The woman, who has been arrested more than 40 times, was just arrested again and released back into the community.

Neighbors in Ashview Heights said she walks around the community where there are homes and schools, approaching people and then exposing herself.

"She was bent over. She was gyrating," one neighbor told Channel 2's Audrey Washington.

A video sent to Channel 2 Action News shows a woman standing in the front yard of a southwest Atlanta home and then pulling down her pants. She's completely nude from the waist down.

Neighbors and Fulton County officials told Washington the woman’s name is Angela Dalton.

They said she’s been arrested dozens of times on charges ranging from public indecency to prostitution.


“Have you seen her exposing herself?” Washington asked neighbor Montez Kemp.

“She’s always exposing herself, that’s just her,” Kemp responded.

Washington spoke with the neighbor who recorded video of Dalton approaching her home at night.

“I need some gas. Can I have a dollar?” Dalton says in the video.

In the video Dalton asked for money and then walked away.

Moments later, Dalton took what appeared to be a chair from the front porch.

The homeowner did not want to be identified but said, like clockwork, Dalton is arrested but then released back into the Ashview Heights community.

Washington did some digging and learned Dalton doesn’t even live in the area and is originally from South Carolina.

“We really just want her to go back home to her family in South Carolina,” a neighbor said.

Washington contacted the Fulton County District Attorney's Office and learned 
Dalton was just arrested a few weeks ago.

In an email, a spokesperson stated:

“The state recommended five years to serve, one in prison with the remaining four years on probation; however, the judge sentenced the defendant to one year, commuted to time served.”

On Thursday, while covering the story, Washington spotted Dalton in Ashview Heights.

“Do you have anything to say about the accusations made against you?” Washington asked her.

Washington tried to ask Dalton about the complaints and charges, but she wasn’t in good shape and did not answer her questions.

Neighbors said Dalton is not well and needs to be in a mental health facility, not in a jail. The Community Association Members is holding a special meeting Thursday night where the situation with Dalton will be discussed.