Police: Threatening email sent to high school lacrosse team

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — Roswell police are investigating a threatening lemail sent to members of the Centennial High School lacrosse team.

Department spokeswoman Lisa Holland told Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik a concerned parent brought the email to police last week.

"The email was specifically targeting members of the Centennial High School lacrosse team," Holland said.
"It was naming specific people on that team, kids on that team, threatening their lives."

Holland said the email was very graphic, and now detectives are trying to determine the source of the email.


“It’s very concerning. We take all these threats seriously,” she said.

“The detectives are actually running into an issue tracing the email address from where this came.”

Holland said the sender likely used some kind of spoofing software that helps mask their identity.
If they are caught, she said someone could face felony terroristic threat charges.

“It may be a joke to the person who sent it, but we still need to take these threats seriously,” she said.

Students said word of the mail had traveled through the school.

“It’s not acceptable. Not at a high school,” said Ari Wilson. “Someone should go to jail for that, especially if they did do it.”