Fox bites elementary school children

COVINGTON, Ga. — Two students at Rocky Plains Elementary School have been treated with rabies vaccinations after they were bitten by a vicious fox on a Newton County school playground Wednesday afternoon.

"The fox charged the playground, attacked one of them. A paraprofessional was able to get the fox off the student. It turned around and went after another child. She was able to get the fox off that child," said Newton County Schools spokeswoman Sherri Viniard.

Viniard said approximately 50 children were on the playground at the time of the attack. The fox bit the children on their legs.

After receiving treatment at the school, the 6-year-old boys were transported to Newton County Medical Center and released several hours later.

Channel 2's Tom Regan spoke with a 10-year-old student who spotted the fox near the playground.

"It walked across the field. It was big, it looked more like a coyote than a fox," said student Ryan Jones.

Following the attack, animal control officers placed two trap cages near the playground.

Fearing the animal might return, Newton County sheriff's deputies arrived to patrol the area until classes ended for the day and students boarded buses or were picked up.

Parents said they received an email alert about the attack.

"It's kind of scary. Very surprised, but I'm so thankful how the school alerts the parents and let us be aware of the situation when we get here," said parent Barbara Dooley.

The director of animal control told Regan that a fox typically avoids human contact so it was likely the fox had rabies.

Officials are hopeful they can trap the fox soon to prevent it from attacking any more people or pets.

School officials said they would suspend outdoor activities for students for the final week of school.