• Foster mom says crooks stole her children's Christmas presents


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - A Clayton County mother is worried about her safety after someone broke into her home and stole her children’s Christmas gifts.
    The mother told Channel 2’s Carl Willis thieves unwrapped the gifts and took what they wanted.
    "It's just devastating. I haven't been able to sleep since Sunday night came," said homeowner Reenita Shepherd.
    Shepherd told Willis she hasn't felt safe since burglars smashed into her Clayton County apartment.
    "They threw a rock through this window," Shepherd said.
    The thieves dug under her Christmas tree and stole gifts meant for her three foster children and two children of her own.
    "They just took the paper off and left the stuff they didn't want, like the games. They only took the electronic stuff," Shepherd said.
    Shepherd told Willis she left with the kids to go to a Christmas party and came home to unlocked doors and broken glass.
    This isn't the first time Shepherd has been in the news. Channel 2 Action News first reported Shepherd's story after learning that she overcame homelessness, and her daughters excelled, graduating valedictorian and salutatorian in their high schools.
    "In spite of going through that transition, I thought everything would be better for us since then," Shepherd said.
    The story struck a chord with Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill. Shepherd said he's been to the home and pledged to hunt down those responsible for the break-in.
    "They've been texting me every day to let me know they have some leads," Shepherd said.
    Thieves stole three TVs from the kids' rooms, three iPad, an Xbox with controllers and games, and even one of the children’s book bags.
    Shepherd told Willis the stress is unbearable.
    "It hurt them so much. My son was crying to the police, especially about the Xbox,” Shepherd said. "Honestly, I was crying, too, but I had to stop myself. I had to be strong for the kids."

    The Clayton County Sheriff’s Office is collecting donations for the family.

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