Drivers worried speed limit on parts of GA 400 too low, causing 'speed trap'

Drivers want speed limit increase on widened section of Georgia 400

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — Some drivers on a newly-widened section of GA 400 through Forsyth County say it could shape up to be a speed trap.

There are now three lanes running in each direction, but the speed limit is still 55 mph.

“So, I got a big ticket on that road for going over 65,” local resident Cary Williams said.

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Williams said the new lanes that just opened have actually made it easier to speed.

"It's frustrating, especially if you're not paying attention to it,” local resident Brad Stewart said.


The limit was 55 during construction, and it’s still 55. The limit is 65 once drivers reach the Fulton County line.

"The project is not technically complete. That's a little hard to explain because the road is open,” GDOT’s Natalie Dale said.

Dale said the section is still a construction zone, and until all the work is done, the 55 miles per hour limit stays put.

"You and I both know that regardless of what the posted speed limit is on 400, we have a lot of people pushing the envelope and treating it like it's a race track,” Dale said.

Williams found out the hard way.

"My ticket was under the bridge in the middle of the 55 mile an hour section. I had no excuse. I was going too fast and they got me,” Williams said.

GDOT said in the coming weeks there will be lane closures to allow for striping and shoulder work, as well as the placement of reflective pavement markers.

Dale said the work should be done in October.