• Deputies searching for person who shot, paralyzed dog

    By: Wendy Corona


    FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. - A dog found shot with a pellet gun in Forsyth County is showing everyone he has a lot of fight despite being paralyzed.

    A handful of people have stepped in to rehabilitate him and hopefully allow him to walk again.

    Channel 2’s Wendy Corona learned a pellet from a pellet gun hit 4-year-old Ryker in the spine last month in Forsyth County.

    Chris Davenport first laid eyes on Ryker, the dog, in mid-July as he was getting ready to leave for work.

    "He was just leaving a trail of blood from his feet trailing on the concrete," Davenport said. "I think he knew I was there to help and not harm him."

    Davenport scooped the pup up and took him to the vet, where they learned the dog was shot with a pellet gun.


    An X-ray showed where the pellet is in his spine, causing him to drag his hind legs. With the help of Two Tailz Rescue, however, he is rehabilitating. 

    A wheelchair was donated to Ryker, but his caretakers have a bigger wish for this unstoppable dog with a can-do spirit.

    The rescue shelter hopes to raise approximately $3,000 to send Ryker to see a neurologist specialist. Then, the shelter could learn if the pellet can be removed from the dog and he can walk again.

    Authorities are searching for the person who shot the dog in the back leaving him paralyzed.

    A $500 reward is being offered in the case. The number to call at Forsyth County Sherrif's Office is 770-888-7308. 

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