Woman murders husband, then takes own life, investigators say

2 people found dead at home in Forsyth County

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — Investigators told Channel 2 Action News a woman murdered her husband then took her own life inside a house with young children.

It happened in Forsyth County off Memphis Street.

“They lived here about three years,” neighbor Tienna Dyer said.

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Dyer woke up to several Forsyth County deputies investigating her neighbors’ home.

Police said a family friend called 911 and asked them to check on the couple who lived in the home after she got a call that concerned her.

Investigators found a man and a woman, identified as Adrian and Jackielyn Brewster, dead.


“I mean they’re quiet people. I mean they keep to themselves. My daughter goes to school with one of their sons,” Dyer said.

Police said they found two children under 10 standing in the doorway of the home unharmed. Relatives are now taking care of them.

Channel 2's Tyisha Fernandes saw investigators collecting evidence with hazmat suits on and she asked police why they were taking that kind of precaution.

"Well because of the two deaths inside the house, we want to make sure that our detectives, deputies and firemen in suits so that the different things inside the house, primarily the deaths, they're safe," a spokesperson told Channel 2 Action News.

Police said they have been called to the house several times before, but they were all non-violent issues and neighbors said paramedics would always show up.

Investigators assured Channel 2 Action News that the neighborhood does not need to worry about a murderer on the loose.