Former football star says Super Bowl rings missing after moving

The couple says they have been trying to resolve the dispute with the moving company for nearly a year with no luck.

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — A former star football player's move to Cobb County ended in a sloppy, moldy mess. 
Channel 2 Consumer Investigator Jim Strickland saw several pieces of moldy furniture at the home of former San Francisco 49er left tackle Steve Wallace.
"When you're out there on that field working your butt off to have nice things, it's very, very disappointing," Wallace told Strickland.
Bulldog Movers president Erik Christensen admitted the trailer in which the furniture was stored was punctured by a tree branch during a storm, exposing the furniture inside to the elements.

He also confirmed a claims representative that was handling the case got fired months ago.  The Wallaces said they didn't know it, and that calls and emails to that employee simply went unreturned. 
Wallace played in three 49er Super bowl wins. He said they discovered while unpacking that a box placed on the trailer by accident was ripped open. Three Super Bowl rings awarded to his wife are missing.
"It was just a glorious time in our life and for someone to take that from you, it's just not fair," said Vassar Wallace. 
Christensen called Strickland. He vowed to personally inspect the mold damage and apologized for any delays. He says jewelry should never be packed and considers the case of the rings is a police matter.
Christensen vouched for his employees' honesty.
Vassar Wallace said she intended to put the box containing the rings in her car but it got swept up with other boxes while she was off site.
The Wallaces said they will get the police involved in the missing rings.

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