Former DeKalb officer indicted for allegedly beating man

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — A grand jury indicted a former DeKalb County police officer accused of beating a man and then arresting him on bogus charges.

T.J. Crumpton now faces a 19-count indictment that includes charges of perjury, false statements and violation of oath of office.

A judge sent Crumpton directly to jail and gave him a $35,000 bond Thursday.

Brian Peterson told Channel 2’s Erica Byfield that he always believed Crumpton's behavior was criminal.

Peterson met Crumpton at Dugan's Sports Bar in 2010.  The former officer was working an off-duty job at the time.

Peterson said he said goodnight to a group of women Crumpton was talking to and then Crumpton followed him outside.

"I was like, ‘Really? Are you going to lock me up for saying goodbye?’ He said, ‘I can lock you up for whatever I want to,’" Peterson said.

He added Crumpton handcuffed him and knocked him to the ground.

"My head hits the ground; I feel my blood running down my face. Once we get to the patrol car he throws me into it, full speed and then he throws me on the ground," Peterson said.

Peterson spent five days in jail on charges that were later dropped by prosecutors.

The officers Crumpton called in for backup during the incident didn't back up his story.

An internal affairs investigation led to a one-day suspension.

DeKalb police didn't fire Crumpton, or alert prosecutors.

Channel 2 Action News aired an investigation in 2012 on Crumpton’s alleged activities.

In 2013, DeKalb County paid Peterson a 215,000 settlement.

Crumpton resigned four days after another Channel 2 Action News investigation into officers in trouble.

Prosecutors told Byfield the indictment proves that when they found out, they did something.

"It's important that we hold everyone accountable, even police officers," said Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney Lawanda Hodges.