• Former Atlanta officer indicted after fatal crash

    By: Tom Jones


    ATLANTA, Ga - A man, whose wife was killed in a violent crash, is relieved a grand jury indicted a former officer on more serious charges.

    Ralph Culp Jr., still wants to know exactly how former Atlanta police officer Joshua Sieck ended up crashing into his wife’s car, killing her 2-years-ago.

    “Yeah, I went there for a long time. Well, my first thing was, how could this happen?” Culp told Channel 2’s Tom Jones.

    He is a step closer to finding out how his wife Jackie Culp, lost her life at the intersection of Cascade and Fairburn in southwest Atlanta. Culp said the crash is still on his mind.

    “To have your wife just snuffed out and she’s going to the cleaners to come back, it’s just hard to take,” Culp said.

    A Fulton County grand jury indicted Sieck, who was fired after the crash on four charges.

    Police said the rookie officer was going to a call when he collided with Jackie Culp and another car.

    “It was a call that was 30 minutes old,” Culp pointed out.

    Culp said the emergency was over and there was no need for Sieck to speed through the intersection without making sure it was safe.

    Investigators initially charged Sieck with misdemeanor second-degree vehicular homicide.

    The grand jury indicted him on felony first-degree vehicular homicide, a much more serious charge.

    “We’re just happy, Tom. We’re just happy as a family,” Culp said.

    Culp feels for Sieck and his family, but said the stiffer charge is a step toward justice for Jackie Culp.

    “Miss her more than ever. More appreciative of the things that she did,” he said.

    Sieck was also indicted on second-degree vehicular homicide, reckless driving and speeding.

    He received a $25,000 bond and has bonded out of jail.

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