• Food delivery man accused of stealing dozens of packages from condominium complex

    By: Christian Jennings


    ATLANTA - Police are searching for a food delivery man who stole nearly two dozen packages from the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. 

    Atlanta police said the man saw an opportunity and took advantage. 

    "A guy was delivering food and after, apparently he stopped by our mailbox on the way out and took a bunch of packages," Tribute Lofts resident Kris Mason said.

    Last Thursday, investigators said, the food delivery man didn't just take a couple of packages from the mailroom at Tribute Lofts, he took dozens and made several trips from his car to the mailroom, each time asking someone to let him into the locked building by making up a lie that he was new to the complex and did not have his key.

    "It's not surprising because it's happened to me twice already. I've been living here about a year," resident William Hogan said.


    Hogan and his wife, Schellie, are victims. They had about $2,000 in electronics stolen -- items they had ordered for their photography business Far Out Galaxy.

    "The only solution I know of is to put up a door here so that you can't see the mailroom is there," William Hogan said.

    “Whenever I come in the building, I pull the door behind me immediately, even if I see someone coming and like that’s just something I’ve always done, but I don’t think other people do that,” Schellie Hogan said.

    Police are trying to figure out which food delivery company employs the man.

    Channel 2 Action News contacted the building's property manager. She said her lawyer advised her not to comment.

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