Florida shooting victim has Marietta ties

Florida shooting victim has Marietta ties

COBB COUNTY. Ga. — A mother's bond with her daughter is often unbreakable.

Missy Cantrell Wilford -- a native of Marietta, Georgia -- is learning that firsthand.

Her daughter, Madeleine, was one of the injured Parkland shooting victims of the Wednesday shooting at a Florida high school.

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Now, the community is rallying to her daughter's aid.

Wilford posted on Facebook a response to all the support. “I feel Blessed beyond words, knowing that many didn’t survive.”

“I have to thank my Lord and Savior for sparing my daughter’s life today,” Wilford said.


She said her daughter was shot multiple times with an AR-15 and has been through three surgeries. It’s a miracle she’s alive, doctors have told her.

Robert Meaders, a football player who graduated with Missy in 19991, put together an online fundraiser that has raised nearly $18,000 for Madeleine.

"As good as she's been to her kids, and to have some crazy come in and shoot it all up, yeah, we were pretty upset about that," Wilson said.

Wilford said Madeleine had gunshots that went through her back, crushing her ribs, piercing through her right lung and exiting by way of her stomach. Several bullets went through her shoulder and traveled the length of her right arm before exiting.

"With Marietta, you've never seen a family come together like a Blue Devil family," Wilson said. "You're gonna see some people come together you never would have expected and hopefully we can turn this tragedy in a triumph," Wilson said.

These are words of encouragement to Madeleine and a harsh message for the shooter.

"The shooter is a menace, and I just hope his family takes a good look at what's happened here," Wilson said. "Don't try to turn it around. This kid needs to get everything he has coming to him."

Some of Missy's former classmates may drive down to Florida to support the family. Doctors believe Madeleine will recover over time.