Feeling lucky? Both major lottery jackpots now over $300 million

ATLANTA — If you plan on taking a chance on the lottery Wednesday night, you might want to take two chances.

Between Powerball and Mega Millions, you could win $689 million!

Wednesday night's winning Powerball numbers were: 12, 30, 47, 62, 36 and Powerball 9.

You can watch the Mega Millions drawing LIVE on Channel 2 Friday before the Channel 2 Action News Nightbeat at 11.

Herman Green believes lightning is about to strike twice.

"I've been playing for a long time. If I had any doubts I wouldn't win, I wouldn't even play," Green told Channel 2’s Berndt Petersen, after buying tickets for both lottery games.

It's a lottery perfect storm.


The Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots have both reached more than $300 million.

No one buying tickets at Riverside Chevron, one of the metro's top lotto sellers, has ever seen that.

"Not at the same time. I remember one getting that big, but not both of them,” said Jesse Green, who works at the convenience store.

In the seven years since all U.S. lotteries began selling both games, the jackpots have never been this large at the same time.

Lottery jackpots for Mega Millions and Powerball.

"I think people are seeing the jackpots on the billboards across the state and saying, ‘Hey! I could win Mega Millions at $382 million. I could win Powerball today at $307 million," John Crow, with the Georgia Lottery, told Petersen.

That is why every player Petersen talked to is spending at least $3 -- $2 for a Powerball ticket and $1 for Mega Millions.

Herman Green said he likes the idea of hedging his bets.

"You got a better chance. Two. You miss this one, you go to the next one buying both of them," he said.