• Federal judge grants bond for DeKalb officers involved in corruption investigation


    A federal judge granted a $10,000 bond for two officers charged in police public corruption probe.

    Former DeKalb County Jail Officer Monyette McLaurin and DeKalb County police officer Dorian Williams will be fitted for an electronic monitoring device before they will be allowed to leave federal custody.

    Prosecutors asked for a detention hearing for McClaurin and Williams because of the concerns to the safety of the community.

    However, on Tuesday, prosecutors agreed to a bond package, that would allow the officers to be released under stricter conditions, including home detention and electronic monitoring.

    Channel 2 Action News broke the story after FBI agents arrested 10 former and current metro Atlanta officers, amid allegations they took money from alleged drug dealers in exchange for providing security during drug transactions.

    According to a criminal complaint, McLaurin, who appeared in court on Tuesday, "volunteered that if given a signal he would be willing to shoot the buyer if necessary."

    "I do not think we are prepared to address the allegations we are going to wait and see what happens with the Grand Jury," Bill Thomas Jr., McLaurin's attorney, told Channel 2's Rachel Stockman when asked if McLaurin was innocent of the charges.

    Dekalb County police Officer Dorian Williams also appeared before a judge Tuesday.

    According to court documents, Williams participated in several transactions and used his patrol car to monitor as a drug transaction was taking place.

    In the criminal complaint, the FBI agent, who wrote the affidavit, said that "(Williams) explained he may have to shoot the new buy if things do not go well, saying "I gotta (expletive) kill him. I can't just shoot him."

    Williams' attorney is a public defender, and could not be reached for comment. Gregory Lee Harvey, who is not a police officer but is accused of pretending to be a cop and then taking money to secure drug dealers, also appeared in court.

    Judge Allen Braverman granted him a secured bond of $10,000 because he had a prior hold with DeKalb County for domestic-related charges.


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