• Men rob builders at gunpoint in garage of home under construction

    By: Justin Wilfon


    FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. - What will soon be a beautiful home in the Fayette County countryside became a house of horrors this week for two construction workers building someone’s dream home.

    The workers became the target of robbers, who held them at gunpoint and tied them up with zip ties.

    “It’s hard to believe. I didn’t even believe it at first, but I guess it’s real,” neighbor Carol Bland told Channel 2’s Justin Wilfon.

    A police report from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office said a car pulled into the home’s driveway and two men with guns emerged from the car.

    The report said the men then went into the home, tied up two construction workers with zip ties and robbed them at gunpoint.

    “(I have) a combination of shock and concern for my guys. Shock being the first one because you just don’t expect that to happen,” contractor Jack Randolph said.


    Randolph told Wilfon he had just left the house before the robbers arrived.

    “Guess you could say I was lucky or I would have been tied up inside,” Randolph said.

    When one of the workers inside the garage said that, when he didn’t immediately comply with the robbers' demands, one of them punched him in the side of the head.

    “The biggest thing is they had weapons and it could have easily not ended up as well as it did and I’m thankful for that,” Randolph said.

    The workers weren’t seriously hurt but the robbers got away with their wallets, including $400 in cash, and their Mexican passports.

    Randolph said if the robbers come back, he’ll be ready. After their first horrifying visit, he now carries a gun.

    “I just feel the need now. Sad, but true,” Randolph said.

    The workers were only able to give a very limited description of the robbers.

    The incident is very similar to another recent case just last week in northeast Atlanta, and Atlanta police told Wilfon they will be looking into whether the cases could be related.

    Randolph said he is going to install security cameras in the work area of the home.

    If the robbers come back, he wants to make sure they’re caught on camera.

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