• Family shaken up after someone shoots bullet into home

    By: Alyssa Hyman


    FAYETTE COUNTY, Ga. - Bullets tore through homes in a quiet neighborhood and one landed inches from a woman's son. 

    "It would have hit him, maybe killed him," Dorothea Payton told Channel 2's Alyssa Hyman.

    Police are searching for the gunman. Fayetteville police have released a picture of the a person of interest and a car possibly connected to the incidents reported.

    Residents we spoke with say they are stunned because Fayetteville is not known for crimes like this. 

    "(It's) very scary, very terrifying and I'm still afraid to walk in front of the window," Payton said.


    Police said the two neighbors didn't know each other but police still aren't saying if the cases are connected, or whether these house were targeted, only that it's all still under investigation.

    "I don't have any enemies. My son doesn't," Payton said.

    Payton said they're now installing surveillance cameras and extra lighting, saying they feel like they're being kept in the dark about the investigation.

    "It's scary, especially not knowing anything," she said.

    Police also said they have increased patrols in the neighborhood and have canvassed the area.

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