Father wants to know if daughter's death is connected to closed Atlanta hotel

ATLANTA — A father wants to know if his daughter's death could be connected to recent illnesses reported by guests at a metro Atlanta hotel.

Al Garrett told Channel 2's Tom Jones his daughter Cameo Garrett died after she attended a service organization conference at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel on June 29.

Members of her organization said several of their members reported feeling ill.

"She said she was having stomach problems and intestinal problems," Garrett said.

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The father said Cameo's friends took medicine to her and didn't get an answer when they returned to check on her.

Garrett said he hadn't heard from Cameo since a text message on July 4, so he drove from his home in Augusta. He and a friend found his daughter dead in her bedroom on July 9.

"I made it a point that Tuesday morning where we were going to find out what's going on here," Garrett told Jones.


Garrett told Jones he is waiting to hear back from the coroner's office and the Georgia health department.

The health department said there have been five confirmed cases of Legionnaire's disease, a severe form of pneumonia, from guests who stayed at the Sheraton.

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The 72-year-old father doesn't want to jump to conclusions, but he wants answers.

"I'd like a thorough investigation and if that was the cause, you know, corrections need to be made," Garrett said.

Jones also reached out to the coroner’s office but has not heard back on a cause of death.