Father speaks of 'unimaginable pain' after daughter dies in freak accident

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — A grieving father is speaking out following the sudden death of his 2-year-old daughter.

Police said she died after a mirror inside a Payless store in Riverdale fell on top of her.

Mohsin Siddique told Channel 2's Lauren Pozen his wife, daughter and son were shopping at a Payless Shoe store on Georgia-85 on Friday in Clayton County for new shoes for the children when the accident happened.

Police said the mirror wasn't secured.


The family took a picture of the mirror after the accident. They said they went in the backroom to take the photo after it was cleaned.

They also gave Pozen a picture in which you see the edge of the shoe rack where that mirror once hung is visible.

“The mirror just fell down. She was screaming, 'My daughter'," Siddique said.

"It only had one or two screws and it’s not secure. It just fell down," Siddique said.

Payless corporate officials told Pozen they are cooperating with authorities in the investigation. That offers little relief for this grieving father.

"I don’t want any money. People say, 'Lawsuit, money, money,' I don’t need money. I need my daughter, and [whoever] did this, they have to have consequences," he said.

“They don’t understand what kind of pain I feel," Siddique said.