• Father, son says GSP should have stopped chase before teen slammed into car

    By: Tom Jones


    A father and son injured by a car State Troopers were chasing are questioning why officers were chasing a stolen car through a busy neighborhood. They say they could have been killed.

    Zion Hyder, who's stage name is TopNotch Zion, is an up and coming rapper who loves music. He says the music almost stopped for him and his father February 28.

    "Next thing you know I hear boom," Hyder said.

    Zion and his father, Donnie Hyder, had been hit by a speeding car on Hamilton E. Holmes around 4 that afternoon.

    "It seemed like a train hit us and ran through us," the elder Hyder said.

    Their car was a mangled mess. All the airbags deployed. They shot video of the aftermath of the crash.

    The father and son suffered minor injuries.

    They soon learned they were hit by a stolen car driven by a 14 year old being chased by Georgia State Patrol. Donnie Hyder wonders why troopers continued the pursuit in such a busy residential area. "You know the school is right there. Fredrick Douglas. People are always walking that time of day," he pointed out.


    Zion says the chase could have killed him and his father, and others. "You putting lives at risk," he said.

    Channel 2's Tom Jones asked Georgia State Patrol why the chase continued in the residential area.

    A spokesperson just sent me the department's chase policy.  Under terminating a pursuit... It says the pursuit shall be discontinued if in the trooper's opinion, the risk of continuing outweighs the danger of permitting the suspect to escape. 

    Hyder says it didn't make sense to chase teens who have no regards for the public's safety.

    "All these people could have lost their lives and its some kids out there joyriding and you know when you're on them like that they’re gonna try to get away," he said.

    Troopers say the chase began on MLK, continued on to I-20 West where the 14 year exited Hamilton E. Holmes.

    After the crash troopers say the 2 of the occupants ran and were later apprehended. The other remained in the car and were taken into custody. 


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