• Father: Someone used dead son's ID to file tax return


    MILTON, Ga. - Roswell police and the Internal Revenue Service are looking into whether someone stole the identity of a teenager after his untimely death, and then filed a false tax return with it.

    Keith Fryer told Channel 2's Mike Petchenik he was still grieving his son's death when he got word someone had filed taxes using the boy's Social Security number.

    "Jesse was sort of our renaissance kid. He was very much involved in the arts," Fryer said about his son Jesse, 15, the youngest of his four.

    On Feb. 15, Fryer said the Milton High School student killed himself, leaving his family devastated.

    "That was pretty traumatic," Fryer said. "We called him the 'Caboose.'"

    Two months after his son's suicide, Fryer went to file his taxes and got an unwelcome surprise.

    "I got a call from my CPA that he had tried to file my tax returns and the system had kicked him out," Fryer told Petchenik.

    His son Jesse was listed as a dependent on Fryer's tax return. But Fryer learned someone had filed a return using his dead son's Social Security number.

    "Insult upon injury is really what went through my mind," Fryer said.

    Milton police told Petchenik the IRS is now investigating what happened.

    "I'm 99 percent convinced in my own mind that there's criminal tax fraud here," Fryer said.

    Fryer told Petchenik several people had access to his son's Social Security number including emergency workers and staff at a local hospital.

    Sandy Springs police crime prevention specialist Larry Jacobs told Petchenik medical facilities and government offices are prime places for identity theft.

    "Unless it is 100 percent required to get something done, do not use your Social Security number," Jacobs said.

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    Father: Someone used dead son's ID to file tax return