• Father in custody after stabbing mother of his child, kidnapping daughter, police say

    By: Nicole Carr


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - Police said a Cobb County man broke into his daughter’s mother’s home, stabbed her, drove to another home and kidnapped his daughter.

    Marlon Dobbins, 33, was arrested after he returned to his home with his daughter Sunday afternoon.

    Police told Channel 2 Action News Dobbins stabbed his wife in the chest during a domestic dispute at a home in DeKalb County. Dobbins dropped her off at a nearby hospital for treatment and then drove off, according to authorities.

    Dobbins then drove to Decatur and took his 4-year-old daughter, police said.

    Authorities later found the young girl and her father.


    "I never knew that creature. That creature that was inside him. I never saw that," said the victim's aunt, Debra Robinson.

    Robinson said she she woke up early on Sunday morning to see her niece's estranged husband standing over her bed.

    "I looked up and said 'What are you doing?' He said I came to get Jada. We having a family gathering at my house," she said.

    At the same time, Robinson's niece was calling.

    "When she was calling me, she was like 'Auntie, he done stabbed me. He done stabbed me. Don't let him take Jada. Don't let him take her," she said.

    The victim told her aunt Dobbins kicked in her door, and she fell trying to escape before the stabbing.

    "She said she told him, 'Please don't let me die here. Just don't let me die here for Jada's sake because I lost my mother when I was three and Jada didn't need to lose her mother," she said.

    DeKalb County police told Channel 2 they were able to catch up to Dobbins through the victim's cellphone.

    Robinson said the couple was involved in a rocky separation and there was another case of recent, unreported abuse.

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