Father wants DFCS worker charged after spending 7 months in jail

Channel 2's Tony Thomas reports.

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — A Gwinnett County father cleared after spending seven months in jail now wants police to charge the state worker who accused him of attacking her.

John Blue lost his interior design shop, his apartment and most of his belongings as he sat in jail for seven months. It took a jury less than 45 minutes to find Blue not guilty.

Channel 2’s Tony Thomas met Blue at the Duluth police headquarters.

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For the past several days, Blue has been living in his van. Police said it is the same van he used to ram a state welfare worker last summer during a Division of Family and Children’s Services investigation at the time.

Blue left with his children, and a Levi’s Call was issued hours later. As police arrested Blue that day, he insisted that the worker assaulted him.

“She crashed my car. She rammed my car,” said Blue.

Blue said his girlfriend and sons told police he didn’t attack the DFCS worker, but no one listened.

Now out of jail following the not-guilty verdict, Blue is on a mission to recover some of what he lost.

“I sat in jail for seven months because someone lied on me,” said Blue. “If I was charged with aggravated assault and didn’t do anything, let her stand before the same people.”

No one from Duluth police or state DFCS was available to comment on Monday’s holiday.

Blue is currently interviewing for jobs and said he hopes to move his sons back in with him.

“My kids have never wanted for anything. This is not fair, not right; my family has been destroyed,” said Blue.