Fannin County to vote on arming teachers tonight

FANNIN COUNTY, Ga. — The Fannin County school board is voting on whether or not to arm teachers. It’s one of two districts voting on similar proposals Thursday night.

School officials told Channel 2's Lori Wilson the idea of arming teachers is something that has been on the table since April. There has been discussion among board members and public comment on the issue.

On Thursday night, this proposal is expected to pass.


"I would probably say, they need guns, just in case, you know? You have to protect yourself, but you have to protect those children," said parent Toni Wallace.

Wallace was in education for about 30 years.

"You can put your bars in the door and your glass bubbles up and it could happen," Wallace said.

The proposal, called GAMB, was introduced at the school board meeting about a month ago. It says in part, that those employees allowed to carry weapons on school grounds must be approved by the Board of Education and the Fannin County Sheriff. It also says training will include at minimum training on judgment, pistol and long gun shooting too.

"I really think they need to have them just in case. hopefully they won't need them," Wallace said.

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. Thursday night at the Fannin County Board of Education at 2290 East First Street in Blue Ridge.